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The global leisure and tourism network that connects the best destinations in the world to recommend its users what to visit and do at any time and place.
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Designed to attract and impress the user
A differential solution designed to advertise and promote the coolest and most unique destinations.
Connects with those near and far away
Now, with what2visit you can connect your destinations with users from all over the world, allow them to explore all the details and make it easy for them to share their experiences.
The information of your destinations always available
Desktop and Mobile version, to assist the user in the whole process of inspiration, search and choice of their next destination.
Uploading destinations to what2visit is completely free
You can start now, you probably already have the necessary information and images!
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Attracts travelers from all over the world
Just 3 steps to show how unique and authentic your destinations are, and attract all the great travelers.
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In case you have many destinations and don't know which one to start with
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Access intuitive tools to boost the productivity and efficiency of your decision making.
Incorporate premium data analytics tools and targeted advertising services to your account
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Don't miss this opportunity and take advantage of what2visit's launching.
Representatives of governments, companies and institutions from more than 50 countries have already begun to prepare and upload their destinations to what2visit.
Touristech finalist in TIS Seville 2021
What2visit is a solution aligned with the sustainable development and digitalization goals. The paperless solution for visitor information desks.
Digital and Sustainable Tourism Initiative Supported by TSAC 2022
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